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Summer storm heading©for Lightning Ridge at Dusk

We are very proud of what we do, and even more proud of the fact that we are so highly regarded by our customers. It is a "Sea of Sharks" out thereand it's important to know that you aredealing with people that have a track record in online gemstone sales.

Firstly, why not have a look at what our Ebay customers say about us. We sell to retail customers, as well as jewellers and collectors. Many of whom are repeat customers many times over. We have receivedover2950 positive feedbacks on eBay with aperfect feedback score, That says to you that you can buy with confidence.

Just click on this link OUR EBAY FEEDBACKSto see them all.

If that is not enough!We would be happy to supply you with the email address of some ofour customers and ask them yourself!! In a relatively short time we have gained a reputation for supplyinghigh quality opalat very competitive prices.

The following unsolicited comments are genuine, and are word for wordwhat some ofour valued customers have to say about us..........

Ann from Calgary Alberta Canada said this about her new opal
Brett and Sally, Oh my gawde its beautiful!!!!!!!!! I just picked it up and unfortunately have very little time to admire and love it as I must leave immediately for the airport for a 4 day business trip. Im going to take it to a goldsmith when Im back and get it setas I wan to wear it now! I cant stop looking at it, I couldnt wait till I got home so I opened it in the car and admired it in the middle of a big snow storm that were currently having. I doubt its snowing at Lightning Ridge! Gotta run, but Ill let you know how it turns out.

Michael from Tulsa Oklahoma U.S.A. said this about his new opal.....
I received the opal on October 30th. It is beautiful! My wife loves it. Thanks so much and hope to be purchasing more from you in the future. :-)

Trish from Scottsdale Arizona U.S.A said this about her new custom opal pendant....
Brett, the Pendant arrived and it is absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you so very much. You will definitely be hearing from me again to purchase more of these wonderful opals. I want to also thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. You were so great about contacting me by phone and helping me in the selection of this piece and working out all the details. You are the BEST!!!!! I love it and will wear it always. Thank you....Thank you... Fondly Trish

Birgitte from Odder Denmark said this about her new gem opal......
Hi Sally & Brett OH YES, the opal has arrived - and it is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm now absolutely hooked on my opal, which I received it on Friday; I have been on an extended week-end until now (birthday gift) with my family, thus this late answer. I will be back for more - and I'll then be looking for a N1, flagstone, (red?) multicolour, brilliance 4,5-5 (and perhaps MA06-like) - of cause I'll buy it from ATC, because it has been a pleasure! Thank you for shipping me this lovely gem - and for letting me become a happy opal owner! Love, Birgitte.

Larry from Tipperary Ireland said this about this gem opal and custome ring.....
Dear Brett, The ring arrived and it is lovely. We will do business again at a later date for a pendant. BEST WISHES and THANKS FOR GREAT SERVICE, LAURENCE XXXXXX.

Lucia from Pincher Creek, Alberta Canada wrote this about her new opals....
Hi Sally I Just received the opals and they are beautiful. You are a doll!!!! For the packaging and the opal book. Canada really hits us with import taxes and I would love to spend the money saved on import tax by buying some more opals. Will do business with you again soon! Thank you very much again. Lucia xx Xxx

Bob from Burntisland, FifeUnited Kingdom. Said this about his 2 new opals......
Absolutely delighted to receive two superb opals in the post this morning, my wife is very pleased indeed happily saying the pictures had not done them justice. No issues came up with any extra duty to pay so am happy that I gambled on the under insured option, Expecting to hear from you soon. Many Thanks Bob Xxxx

Elizabeth from LaFollette, Tennessee U.S.A. was just a little excited about her new custom made opal pendant and ring.....
Dear Brett and Sally, The Post Office called this morning and said I had a package from Australia, and did we want to come on and get it, since our mailman don't run until way late in the afternoon!! That is the beauty of living in a "small" town. I sent Bobby like a shot to the PO, and back he came with the "most wonderful package" I have ever received in my life!!! I wasn't even expecting it until Wednesday or Thursday, and here it is just Monday!! I obviously have "never" seen a "real" opal, until now. I opened them on the porch on purpose, since it is a beautiful sunny day, and honestly, I couldn't believe it. That Lightning Bolt pendant lives up to its name, and almost blinded me. There is more than just blue there too. Those unbelievable rolling flashes of cobalt, turquoise, greens, and even a touch of pinkish red was so fascinating to watch, that I couldn't take my eyes off it. Bobby said he had to slap me back to my senses, he thought I had become hypnotized!!! The reaction was the same for both the amazing Gothic pendant and my lovely ring, which by the way, fits my middle finger perfectly. They are all "beyond" perfection, and I am wearing them all as we speak. I am also running out of adjectives to convey my sheer delight! These opals have to be the most mesmerizing gemstones on earth. Bobby has now decided that he really does like his birthstone, which is Opal, since he now knows that all opals are not white with tiny flashes of color in them. That is the only kind we had ever seen before, so you can imagine our shock when we saw these. I cannot thank you both, and not to leave your jeweller out by any means, enough for such "Aussie Treasures," pun intended. I also love my big green opal, and thank you so much for my book you sent me. It will go right into my "Len Cram" collection!! Brett, you of all people, after all these months, know I am not ever at a loss for words, but I am today, at least for the appropriate ones. There are no words to describe your kindness, helpfulness, great advice, and just downright enjoyable conversations, as we tried to get all of these gems and settings together. Never have I been treated so well by any company, and am sure I never will find another of the calibre of you and Sally. Sally, I have no idea if I ever got to talk to you or not, as half the time I didn't know who I was talking to, unless it was about racing (GRIN), but you both are very special people, whom I have thoroughly enjoyed. Tellyour jewellerthat she is the "best" Goldsmith in the world, and that if anyone buys an opal from you all and don't get Marlis to setit, they are going to be very very sorry. She made the settings "exactly" as I had hoped, and I am definitely more than thrilled with them. These are pieces of a lifetime and I love them. Please feel free to give anyone my email, unless it is a serial killer or psycho, and I will be more than happy to give you the highest of recommendations. Thank you for my priceless jewels, I will wear them proudly and treasure them always.
With my Very Best Regards,

Diana from Winter Springs, Florida U.S.A said this about hew new opal pendant.....
Dear Sally & Brett, My order arrived yesterday. Oh My Gosh!!!!! The opal is STUNNING!!!!! I cant wait to give it to my mother in memory of my dad and what would have been their 37th wedding anniversary had he not passed away in January. Thank you both for your honesty, integrity and many back and forth emails with me until I made my choice. I have no doubt my mom will love the beauty of this most gorgeous opal as much as I do.
Again, thank you for all your help, its deeply appreciated! God bless you!!!!

John from Frederick Maryland U.S.A. said this about his wifes new opal pendant.....
Dear Sirs,I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I received the opal pendant you made for me. It is beautiful and my wife loves it! Thank you for the great service and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Sincerely, John Xxxxxx

Deborah from Coventry United kingdom, said this about her new custom made opal lapel pin.
Dear Sally and Brett, I just thought that I would let you know that my order has arrived safely and is as stunning in reality as in the photographs. Thank you for all the time and trouble you and the jeweller, have taken to provide exactly what I wanted. I am sure that both I, and my husband when he sees it, will be back to order again. There are already a couple of opals I keep looking at!
Thanks again. Deborah

Kevin from Toronto Ontario Canada, said this about his new gem opal
Dear Aussie Treasure Chest, Just to let you know item LRE0217 arrived safe and sound absolutely love it, will wear it with pride. Have never seen one more beautiful! Thanks so much, -Kevin Xxxxxxx
Suraaj from Saudi Arabia said this about his opal pendant....

Susan from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, wrote this about her new opals......
Hello down there! I just received my opals! WOW the colours are really pretty. i hope to business with you again in the future. Thank you very much. The package arrived in perfect condition. I haven't decided what Ill do with them just yet. Ill just look at them for now. Again, many thanks!
Kind regards, Susan Xxxxxxxx

Norman from Dunmow Essex United Kingdom said this about his new opal...
Hi Brett, Just to let you know the Opal arrived last Monday and we are very pleased with it: we are meeting with the Jeweller tomorrow to arrange for the ring to be made up. I now know where to come to next time we need opals. Thanks for your help -- All the best Norman

Dennis from Puerto Rico said this about his now opal......
About ATC: I bought two Opals from ATC, after looking for eight months on the internet, doing my home work, studying all the literature, using all that I possess. I picked two stones, the first one when it came knocked my socks off, the second one upon its arrival SSSSSOOOOOO over exceeded my wildest dreams I can't stop looking at it (ATC M400). The video doesn't do it justice, it is awe inspiring, flat out knocked the hair off my toes, hurt my face from grinning... I shall NEVER, EVER do business, with anyone else EVER. In my wildest dreams this was so beyond my wildest hopes, a person would have to be quite foolish, inane, to doubt ATC when they say what their stones look like. Look at ATC M400 Now imagine it's a thousand times better than what the video shows,. Drink Fosters beer, and GOD BLESS THE AUSSIES at Lighting ridge.....................( FDNY Paramedic *ret)

Cheryl from Anderson South Carolina U.S.A. wrote this about her new opal....
Hi Sally, Brett, The opal arrived yesterday!! I am very excited about it and have already scheduled a meeting with a local jeweler to selecta setting. So far it looks great! I am waiting for a sunny day to look at it outside....yesterday was cloudy and today is too...oh have to be patient. Thanks again, and I will let you know how awesome the ring turns out once it is completed. Regards,

David from Columbia Maryland U.S.A. said this about his fantastic new opal.....
Sally and Brett, The opal arrived Friday and it is beautiful. You advertise well and honestly, and frankly the stone exceeded my expectations. It's wonderful to have access to such a wide variety of opal at prices that are affordable. My wife is very pleased, needless to say.
Thank you so much! You'll hear from us in the future, I'm sure. David

Maria from Kelmscott Western Australia. Said this about her new opal......
Hi Sally and Brett, my opal arrived today and I am so happy with it! I must say that I was a bit concerned about buying something like this without seeing it 'in person', but you have obviously gone to a lot of trouble to make your descriptions accurate. Kind regards, Maria

Sandi from Mesa Arizona U.S.A. said this about her new large opal pendant.....
Waiting in the middle of my desk this morning was Big Blue. Big, Blue and beautiful! Even better than I had hoped! Thank you ALL for making it possible and holding my hand for the whole process. I can hardly wait to wear it somewhere! I haunt your web site on a regular basis! So I am sure I'll be back!

Susan from Gates Oregon U.S.A. Said this about 4 opals she bought from us through eBay.....
Hi Brett; its Susan XXXX here again. I received the opals today and the feedback just doesn't have enough room to say much. They are gorgeous. The one 9x7 might be the one to replace my broken opal. Then I went to your site again, I can't seem to stay away!, and I found this one. Can you give me a bottom line price for it? The color display is beautiful, so I have to ask. I live on a fixed income, but my grandmother's ring means so much to me, I guess I can skimp on something this coming month. Thank you again for being such an honest seller. Too bad there are not more like you, especially those selling opals. Susan

Alison from Perth Western Australia said this about her new opal.....
Hi Hope you had a good trip, the opal has just arrived and is beautiful. Thanks for all your help over the last few months! Alison

Maureen from Bournemouth, United Kingdom followed up again....
Just to let you know that my son loved the opal ring (as did the rest of my family). The only person who'd seen it apart from me was one of my sisters and she thought the colours in the opal were stunning and said how heavy the ring was. Once again thank you for all you did in organising it all for me. Wishing you the best, Maureen

Josh from Redondo beach California U.S.A. said this about his double sided gem quality opal.....
CA Brett - The stone is beautiful and everything you said it would be. Thank you for a smooth transaction and for offering such truly unique product. I am off to the next challenge of having it setto take advantage of the dual-sided nature of the stone. Thanks again, Josh

Maureen from Bournemouth, United Kingdom said this about a opal ring and loose gemstone she purchased.....
Hi Sally & Brett, Just to let you know everything arrived safely yesterday. What can I say but to thank you. the ring is beautiful and the opal is wonderful - the colours show in all lights and constantly change and in daylight the violet blue colour is amazing, didn't expect to see a colour like that in an opal. The other two opals are beautiful - my son (who hasn't seen his ring) thinks the green/blue one looks like the ocean and, as the edges have a reddish hue, he's likeminded it to a sunset. The other opal looks like pinpricks of stars in the galaxy. I am now going to save like crazy with the hope of buying a collector's opal sometime in the future. I appreciate all you've done and your patience and look forward buying from you in the future. I will pass on your details to anyone I know who likes opals or who admires my son's ring when he wears it.
Best wishes, Maureen

She then followed up with this comment.....
Just a straight delivery from the Royal Post Office so no custom charge which is a relief, I appreciate your help in facilitating that. One of my sisters asked why I chose an opal for my son's ring and I said that it's just such an amazing creation of nature and unparalleled really. I know you can get other colours coming through in stones such as Tanzanite but nothing has the range of colours in just one stone and such a variety of colour and patterns, just fabulous. I forgot to thank you for the booklet you sent on Lightening Ridge. What fabulous opals although I must confess I love the opals that look like the photographs of outer space and galaxies that you sometimes see? It must be wonderful to be able to make a living out of something you are passionate about and without people like yourselves I doubt most people would ever see the variation of opals you hold let alone be able to purchase them. I will save my pennies and one day (hopefully not in the too distant future) I will buy a stunning investment opal for me to enjoy and then my son to inherit. Take care, enjoy life, keep getting stunning opals and once again, many thanks. Maureen
Corrin from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire United kingdom said this about the 2 opals ring we had made for her and her mother....
Hi Brett, It`s hard to describe in words how fantastic the rings are, Ive hardly taken mine off. Mum is over the moon with hers we feel very spoilt!. The quality and workmanship is far better than we could ever imagine!! Thank you so much!!!. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a brilliant new year i hope you enjoy your travels. Mum mentioned you have another opal like the one in her ring how much is it please? I think she has plans for it!.
Craig from West Caldwell, New Jersey U.S.A. said this about his opal ring.....
Thank you so very much for all your help. My wife loved the ring.
Again thanks!

Deborah from Huntington, Massachusetts U.S.A. wrote this about a custom opal ring she bought...
Hi! I wanted to let you know I received my ring and it is the most amazing piece of art that I have seen in a long time.....Please send my thanks along to the ring maker....She ROCKS!!!!!!! :-) Thanks again.

Josh From Redondo Beach CaliforniaU.S.A. said this about his investment opal....
Brett -
The stone is beautiful and everything you said it would be. Thank you for a smooth transaction and for offering such truly unique product. I am off to the next challenge of having it set to take advantage of the dual-sided nature of the stone.
Thanks again,

Maureen from Bournemouth, Dorset U.K. said this about the opal ring she bought for her son...
Hi Sally & Brett,
Just to let you know everything arrived safely yesterday. What can I say but to thank you. the ring is beautiful and the opal is wonderful - the colours show in all lights and constantly change and in daylight the violet blue colour is amazing, didn't expect to see a colour like that in an opal. The other two opals are beautiful - my son (who hasn't seen his ring) thinks the green/blue one looks like the ocean and, as the edges have a reddish hue, he's likenened it to a sunset. The other opal looks like pinpricks of stars in the galaxy. I am now going to save like crazy with the hope of buying a collector's opal sometime in the future.
I appreciate all you've done and your patience and look forward buying from you in the future. I will pass on your details to anyone I know who likes opals or who admires my son's ring when he wears it.
Best wishes,

She then follwowed up with this email...
Just a straight delivery from the Royal Post Office so no custom charge which is a relief, I appreciate your help in facilitating that.
One of my sisters asked why I chose an opal for my son's ring and I said that it's just such an amazing creation of nature and unparallelled really. I know you can get other colours coming through in stones such as Tanzanite but nothing has the range of colours in just one stone and such a variety of colour and patterns, just fabulous.
I forgot to thank you for the booklet you sent on Lightening Ridge. What fabulous opals although I must confess I love the opals that look like the photographs of outer space and galaxies that you sometimes see.
It must be wonderful to be able to make a living out of something you are passionate about and without people like yourselves I doubt most people would ever see the variation of opals you hold let alone be able to purchase them.
I will save my pennies and one day (hopefully not in the too distant future) I will buy a stunning investment opal for me to enjoy and then my son to inherit.
Take care, enjoy life, keep getting stunning opals and once again, many thanks.

Then a final follow up with this email...
Just to letyou know that my son loved the opal ring (as did the rest of my family). The only person who'd seen it apart from me was one of my sisters and she thought the colours in the opal were stunning and said how heavy the ring was. Once again thank you for all you did in organising it all for me.
Wishing you the best,

Corrin fromMilton Keynes, Buckinghamshire U.K. said this about the 2 opal rings she bought...
Hi Brett
It`s hard to describe in words how fantastic the rings are, i`ve hardly taken mine off. Mum is over the moon with hers we feel very spoilt!. The quality and workmanship is far better than we could ever imagine!! thank you so much!!!. I hope you had a great christmas and have a brilliant new year i hope you enjoy your travles. Mum mentioned you have another opal like the one in her ring how much is it please? i think she has plans for it!.
Many thanks Love Corrin and Chris

Craig from West Caldwell New Jersey USA said this about the ring be bought for his wife.....
thank you so very much for all your help.
my wife loved the ring. Thanks again

Deborah From Huntington Massachusetts U.S.A.said this about her opal pendant.....
I wanted to let you know I received my ring and it is the most amazing piece of art that I have seen in a long time.....Please send my thanks along to the ring maker....She ROCKS!!!!!!! :-) Thanks again.

Robert & Angie from Montgomery Alabama U.S.A. wrote this about their "His & Her" pair of opal rings....
The rings are everything I expected and more, Outstanding stones and workmanship on the rings. I can't think you enough and I'm doing everything I can to spread the word for you.
Thank you for everything
Robert & Angie

Helene from Sykesville Maryland U.S.A. said this about her custom made opal rings....
Hello again - I just wanted to let you know my beautiful ring arrived yesterday. It is fabulous, especially in sunlight!! And I am so very pleased with the setting. The design is perfect, and the 18K gold looks so bright and elegant. Thank you for a great buying experience start to finish! I certainly do hope to be back one day to repeat it!! Helene

Lynne from Canfield Ohio U.S.A. wrote this about her custom opal pendant...
Hello All, I just wanted to let you know that I received my opal pendant today and it is even nicer than I thought it would be. I love it and I'm sure I'll be wearing it often. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful service and please thankyour jewelerfor the beautiful work that she does.

Ed from Vancouver British Columbia Canada said this about some gem opals he has purchased from us over the last 12 months......
When I first considered buying an opal as a gift for my wife, I entered "opals" into an open Google/internet search, and "aussietreasurechest.com" came up first in the search results listings. I systematically went through the first handful of websites, and after a fairly short amount of time, came back to "aussietreasurechest.com" (atc.com).
With respect to its presentation, atc.com is well-designed in its layout and is very informative in all aspects and completely user-friendly. But what I very quickly came to appreciate is the exceptional quality and variety of the opals on the site. I spent quite a lot of time going through all those wondrous and magical opals, but I had never purchased anything like this through the Internet before and I was a little hesitant, to be honest. So, I decided to make a phone call and talk directly to Brett and Sally.
Brett has a very friendly, personable and comfortable manner. Never once did I get a feeling of being pressured about any aspect of my purchase. Brett is extremely helpful and patient in explaining all the various attributes of any particular opal and his opinions were a great aid in making a decision on which opal(s) to buy. In fact, the most difficult thing was deciding on any one opal, because each opal has a truly unique beauty, as any visitor to atc.com can easily see.
When I received the opals in the mail a few days later, I was even more impressed by their quality and appearance than I was when I was looking at the photos and the videos of the opals. As Brett will tell you - and his statements can be absolutely trusted - neither the photos nor the videos can really do the opals justice. It was a real treat to see the opals in front of me in real life. Anyone would be suitably impressed to see these opals with their own eyes. Some people would say "seeing is believing", but I would say "Believe Brett, and then see the unbelievable beauty of the opal".I have since referred atc.com to the two jewellers I deal with, and they are both considerably impressed by the quality of ATC product and both have offered comments and assurances to the effect that Brett's prices are very, very good within the opal trade.As I have purchased several opals from Brett (and Sally) over the past year or so, I have been in a good position to have watched the site very closely, and I have noticed two things: one, that these opals are simply amazing to see; and two (MOST importantly), that Brett and Sally do an excellent job of regularly bringing in a very good supply of top quality opals, and that they put a considerable amount of time, energy and effort into the maintenance and presentation of the site. There is a great deal of activity on the site, with respect to the turnover of the product, with respect to both sales and introduction of new opals.
Everything about atc.com lends itself to a feeling of confidence towards a great opal-buying experience
In short, I can say with no hesitation, if you are considering buying an opal, I can absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend atc.com, and let Brett and Sally take care of you. You'll be glad you did!
Sincerely, from a very satisfied customer,Edward Vancouver, Canada

Anita from Hillsbrough North Carolina U.S.A. siad this about the collection of gem grade opals she bought.....
The opals arrived and they are beautiful.I already see another opal I want. I need to just stay away from your website for awhile. I wish now that I had gotten at least one with mostly yellow and green just to have something very different. Not the end of the world....it will come. Now to start design work. Remember to look for the double faced opal for me and the two oblong opals I got, I'd like to find a long opal for a pendant that is as nice or nicer but larger than those two.
Thank you again for everything. You spend a lot of time working with me and probably have a customer for life! I do appreciate it.

Phil from Janesville Wisconsin U.S.A. said this about his custom Ring
Sally and Brett, Thank you!
I wanted to let you know that the custom ring arrived Tuesday, and having missed the mail delivery, I was able to arrange my schedule so I could pick it up early Wednesday morning from the post office. I am more than happy with the ring. It looks even better in person! Please thank your jeweler for me. Her designs and workmanship are excellent. I really like the style, it is exactly what I wanted and it looks so good on my hand. I wore it all day Wednesday while I was in Chicago, and have gotten lots of compliments on it. The opal is very lively even in low light and I love how the deep colors flash when the light hits it. I love looking at it.
I would recommend ATC to anyone who is looking for an opal or an opal ring.
Once again, Thank you!

Jenniferfrom Fishers, Indiana, U.S.A. Said this about her opal ring that she had on layaway.....
Dear Sally and Brett, I received my ring today in the mail and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Thank you so much for everything and for allowing me to pay for it over time. I will most certainly recommend your site to anyone looking for beautiful opals and jewellry! Thanks again!
Regards,Jennifer :

Susannefrom Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A. Said this about her opal.....
Hi Y'all, I received my beautiful, enormous, blue-green opal today. I am very happy with it, and I am thrilled that I have found your site. Opals have long been my favorite stone, and I have many, although none can compare with the one I just bought from you. I already know how I want it set, in yellow gold surrounded by blue zircons and accented with tsavorites. It's gonna be a killer pendant!!! Someday, I plan to get one of those red flashing, harlequin blacks from you. (Although no time soon since I am way over my rock budget for the year.)
Thank you, Susanne
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Nelda from Midlothian Virginia U.S.A. said this about her custom made Opal ring....
Received my ring today (Wednesday, my time) and am so grateful to you and your jeweler for the GREAT work!!! It was exactly as promised by you. However, I wish I'd taken your advice and stepped up in the clarity of the opal's color - perhaps less opaque, and sharper. That is not to say that I don't think the ring is absolutely beautiful - just that if I were shopping for the stone in your presence, I would have picked the same color in the stone, but perhaps one that had more clarity in the background. I am going to wear this ring and show it proudly to my friends who, like me, were waiting anxiously for its arrival!
I cannot thank you enough for your advice and honest dealings with me a continent away. I enjoyed our conversations, and will proudly endorse you and your opals to everyone I know. I will be back in touch. Thank you. NSC

Mark from Elgin Illinois U.S.A. said this about his investment opal.....
Hi Brett,
Well it came this morning and all I could say was OH MY GOD!! YOU sir, were not lying. This stone is absolutely gorgeous! When I took it outside in the sun it became even more beautiful. It has almost every color in the rainbow and it almost seems 3 dimensional. At first glance I thought this might be too light for a man's ring but I don't care! I can't thank you enough for you guidance and patience. I do believe you have a customer for life. When I get it mounted I will send you pictures. Is there anything special I should do for it's care and maintenance?
We will be in touch. Thanks again and take care, Mark

Lynne from Canfield Ihio U.S.A. said this about her pearl pendant...
The pearl pendant I purchased was beautiful and I've gotten many compliments on it. I took it to a jewelry store to purchase a chain to go with it and the salesperson raved over it and showed it to everyone in the store. It is a real attention getter. Im very pleased with it. Everyone who has seen it has commented on what an unusual design it is and said they wished they could find something like it. I've given a lot of people your web site name, but many seem hesitant to purchase over the Internet. I hope some of them will overcome their fears because I truly think that you have gorgeous jewelry and stones and have been a pleasure to deal with.
Best wishes, Lynne

Cheryl from Windsor New York U.S.A. said this about her custom opal ring...
I just received my ring in the mail today. The stone and the ring are gorgeous. I'm thrilled.
Thank you, Cheryl

Elizabeth for Luxembourg said this about her opals.....
Hello , my opals arrived today safely and without any customs worries. They are very lovely, especially as the sun came out for a few minutes (weren't we lucky) so I was able to play with them in direct sunlight. The opal number 5882, is very unusual, I am calling it 'evening sky' and the WOO22 looks much better than its photo. The little crystal opal 5759 is certainly a surprise, it has all sorts of colours in sunlight, even a nice fiery red flash. all the opals are beautiful, thanks again, until next time, best regards to all, Elizabeth

Karen from Elverta California U.S.A. said this about her custom made opal ring.....
Hi guys! I received my ring today You were right! I am more than happy with my ring! I like it so much better than the one I lost. (although I still want that one back). The setting is just perfect. Exactly what I had in mind from the beginning. I also hope I will be able to be your customer again very soon. I am so happy!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I never thought that I would have another opal that I loved as much as the first one and getting exactly the setting I liked and knowing it should be secure in it also is priceless. Your jeweler is excellent. I feel that it is amazing to get so much better service over the Internet than we did in person. I will guard this one with my life. (well maybe not my life). Also it fits and is way more comfortable than my other ring!!! I cried when I saw it. Thank you, Karen

Lesley from Oxfordshire England said this.......
I recently bought stone no. LR5184 from you. It's just arrived and I'm thrilled with it. Thank you.

Ena from Dunfermline Scotland said this about her custom made ring.......
Received ring this morning about 11.30 our time and it is beautiful and fits perfect thank you for all your help and the service was next to none and I thoroughly enjoyed getting experience on my computer deciding what ring to choose. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much.
Ena from Dun

Penny fromHampshire United Kingdom said this about hercustom made opalearrings andpinkie ring......
Hi Sally & Brett,
No, that's not good enough, it doesn't begin to describe my delight with latest goodies, what a fantastic cheer up boost, just what I needed! What can I say about them? The ring hasturned out beautifully, I'm sure you must have a smallish red stone to make a rose gold one, I really like that style, it looks so elegant and classic, I would really like another in the same style - I know you won't agree with me, but I think I really do prefer some things with no diamonds, I think the opals are enough on there own to make the jewellery look classy, some I do like with sparklers, like a couple of the rings (the rose gold one in particular) and the pendants, but your opals are of good enough colour and quality not to need anything else to lift them.
Now - the earrings! PERFECT! I can't say just as I imagined them, every single time she has made me something, without exception, Your jeweller has managed to exceed my expectations and give me a very pleasant surprise, the earrings are even better than usual, her foresight, ability to picture the finished item and execute it to such a high standard never fails to leave me speechless, I'm still gazing at them, do tell her that they hang beautifully, I've never seen such a well made and matched pair of opal earrings, I can't wait for the next pair! I've just realised that I've got nothing in the pipeline at the moment, I'll really have to go to the site the first chance I get to put that situation to rights! What do I need next? The latest ring and earrings are quitesimilar in colour,any larger one in the same colours (I know, green, but I really should have a matching set!) for a pendant. I expect you're still on the lookout for my next bracelet, could always have a matching necklace to make a change from pendants.

Cynthia from San Jose California U.S.A. said about her custom made opal pendant.......
Hi Sally & Brett,
I received the pendant today. It's so much prettier than what I have in mind. Thank you so much! Just want to let you know how much I love it. I'm so impressed by the craftsmanship of the pendant. You must have a very skillful jeweller there.

Olga from Toronto Ontario Canada wrote........
Hi Sally and Brett:
I received my opals yesterday!! There are absolutely gorgeous. Look even more brilliant than their pictures on the Aussie Treasure Chest website. Extremely pleased with them. You're right Sally, I will be shopping for more opals.
Thank you so much!!!

Steve from Harrogate North Yorkshire United Kingdom said about his opal pendant.....
Hi Brett, The pendant has arrived and I am very pleased, it has surpassed my expectations and I am very grateful for your guidance and expertise. The stone and mount look excellent together and I can see why you spoke so highly of your jeweler, please pass on my thanks and appreciation for an excellent job. I hope to do business with you again in the future and will certainly be recommending you to others. Many thanks once again.
Regards Steve

Penny from Hampshire United Kingdom said this about her 4 custom made opal rings
Hi Sally & Brett,
WOW! WOW! WOW! That's an understatement you've done the impossible and left me lost for words! Unbelievable! I honestly can't thank you enough, I really am thrilled to bits. I don't know about you congratulating me, I should be the one congratulating you all, you two for choosing such magnificent opals andyour jewellerfor her wonderful, original and innovative designs. Thank you all so very much, I just can't stop looking at them, I think they are all so absolutely perfect. I rang my insurance company to get them listed on my household policy and they insist that they all have to be valued by a jeweller and certificates lodged with them, all I can say is I'd better get them out of the house beforemy niecegets here, she's visiting on Sunday for the day and I can imagine if she got her hands on them she'd end up with at least one of them 'stuck' on her finger no way! I'll manage to battle my way through the 6 inches of snow on the ground to get them out of the house before then. I'm truly amazed at how you manage to buy such gorgeous opals at such a if I say cheap I don't mean shoddy or substandard lets say reasonable price, they are definitely worth so much more than you charge andyour jewelleris obviously a real asset to your opals, she makes each one into a true masterpiece. I can't stop looking at them, I honestly couldn't chose one that I liked more than another, have to say I'm amazed at the one I thought was 'green, it has so many different colours to it and the reds that come through are so unexpected.
I could rave on all afternoon, had they arrived an hour earlier I would have been on the phone boring the socks off you both, I don't need to tell you though, do I? how lucky you are to be surrounded by such beauty every day, it wouldn't suit me, though, I'd never sell anything, I wouldn't want to be parted from any one of them. This won't do, I could sit here admiring them all day, I suppose I ought to put them away. Many, many thanks, let's see what I can get next, eh!
take care and have a nice weekend,
Thank you yet again,
Best Regards,

Georgina from Bristol United Kingdom said about her custom made engagement ring and matching wedding band...
Brett & Sally
I received my rings on Friday and they are fabulous. The opal is beautiful and the setting is perfect. Exactly what I wanted and couldn't find anywhere in England! Please pass on my thanks to your jeweller she has done a fantastic job. Thanks very much for making the whole process so easy and painless. Let's hope the rest of the wedding plans go so well....I'll be in touch soon as you may remember that I originally mentioned my mum and I had opal rings that need repairing. I'm still trying to sort out pictures and measurements but as soon as I have these I'll send them on.
Thanks again George & Nick

Eric FromGandrange France wrote.....
Hello Sally & Brett,
I have just received the ring, it is splendid. I will leave in a few hours, in the Austrian mountains. And there, I promise to you that on February 14, I would have a thought for you. I wish you a good St. Valentine's day, like with all the Australian ones. Cordially.

Larry from Springfield Illinois U.S.A. said about his opal pendant.........
Hello, Brett I just received the local jewelers' "insurance replacement value" appraisal today. When he gave it to me he explained that these opals and the custom-made pendant were very "high end" and this quality is rarely seen/sold in our area (central Illinois, USA). Most jewelers are selling doublets or triplets or semi-black or light/white body tone opals. He also said he had discussed these stones with several other dealers with whom he often does business, to help with the appraisal. For these reasons, he said he appraised them at a high value because they would be difficult to replace figure I had approximately $1300 (USD) invested in the large 3.60ct black opal solitaire and custom-made 18kt pendant; and, he appraised them at $5850 (USD).I figure I had approximately $200 (USD) invested in the matched black opal earring pair (.80ct tw) after I had them mounted in 14kt locally; and, he appraised them at $1375 (USD). You can use this information in your testimonials if you'd like. I'm certainly pleased I found you on the web and I will not hesitate to provide references to my friends about how smooth and professional this intercontinental business transaction was attended to. My daughter will be overjoyed to receive this black opal set as her college graduation gift from "dear old Dad".Thanks very much and thank your jeweler again for me too.

Joy & Stan from Edmonton Alberta Canada Said.....
We got our stone this afternoon - well packaged and in perfect condition. Thank you for your prompt attention to this order. It is a striking opal and we can hardly wait to get it mounted as a pendant. First, though, we will escape this winter for a a few weeks. Again, thank you for your promptness in getting our purchase away and for your care in packing it. This has been a very positive transaction for us.
Cheers, Joy and Stan

Penny from HampshireUnited Kingdomsaid this about her new Opal Pendant...
Hi Sally & Brett,
Guess what I've got in my hand! It arrived about half an hour ago, I've just been sitting looking at it and admiring it what can I say? Wow! That seems to be an understatement, I really love it! Been trying it with my other free-forms such a shame, I've got nothing with the same play of colours, when I've finished this I'll go straight to the website to see what I can find in the free-form, as you know, I always wear two together, one on a 40cm & one on a 45cm omega, so I don't doubt I'll be on the phone later. Thank you both so very much for all your time & efforts, I must say, I'm glad you persevered the first time I contacted you, Brett and you couldn't send an e-mail back! Please thankyour jewellerfor me, her work is superb and her flair has made a beautiful opal look wonderful.
It's sitting on my table beside me as I dash this off, I can't help keep looking at it; one would be very hard pressed to buy anything at three times the price in this county, and that would be an inferior opal in a mediocre setting. I don't know what more I can say, it's certainly by far better than anything I've ever been able to buy for myself up till now - I say up till now as it will certainly be the first of many.

Larry FromSpringfieldIllinois U.S.A. Said.....
Hello, Brett.
Just wanted to let you know the items arrived today. As anticipated, they are lovely and please convey my compliments to your jeweler. The pendant is truly a piece of art.
Thanks again, kindest regards. Larry

Christopher from Concord California U.S.A. Said.....
Dear Sally, I received my opal this morning and I am very happy with what has arrived. The pictures on your web site were close, but the stone is so much more beautiful than expected. Thank you so very much. I've already given it to my jeweler and it should be set and under the tree just in time for Christmas. The stone, the prompt delivery, the ease of using your web site, and your help with my questions- it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again for everything!

Mary from College Station Texas U.S.A. said about her beautiful custom made Opal pendant....
Sat. in pm they delivered the pendant and is it exquisite. You did a great job of wrapping it and making it secure. I wore with my all black outfit to a party at my husband's bosses' home.
"You're right--your jeweler is an artist and artisan as well.
At that party, it was my husband's boss and many people that I really didn't know so I saw them noticing it, but not really saying anything. I had to look at it several times on way to party and back. I have a bit of the little professor (fun-loving side in adults or the kid part) and that makes me enjoy beautiful things more than most--or I think it does. Of course, I will tell people where I got the lovely pendant. Thanks to ya'll for befriending me during the process as it made it even more special."

Bonnie from Katy, Texas U.S.A. exclaimed...
WOW, WOW, AND WOW!!!!!!!!!
Then she followed up with....
Sally & Brett:
I will be happy to send you a photo of the finished piece. And I certainly will give you an excellent reference as a top of the line opal dealer.
Thanks again. Merry Christmas to you, too. Bonnie

Kathryn from Taunton Massachusetts U.S.A.said this about one of our new custom rings...
My ring just arrived this morning!!! Hello from Taunton, Massachusetts in the United States of America! Today I received the ring I ordered from you... it is a stone I have never seen in my life!!!Full of fire, and colors... from nature itself. I couldn't be more pleased!!!
Thank you for making my birthday so memorable... Sincerely, Kathryn

Bob from Lansdale Pennsylvania U.S.A. Said....
Sally & Brett, As always, I am intrigued by your interesting descriptions of your opals. Lets face it, opals are complicated gemstones. As a result, they just cant be described in terms of cut, color, carat weight and clarity. My most recent opal arrived today (only 8 days after placing the order) and I was amazed at how well your description matched the actual stone. Being an engineer, I am not much of a believer in witchcraft so I did not have "a magical Gothic encounter. However, the scientist in me does see a nebular from outer space. I have seen pictures from the Hubble space telescope that show rainbow-hued clouds of gas expanding into the universe and exploding stars that emit a full spectrum of light. This is what I see in this opal. Maybe after a couple glasses of wine the romantic in me may even see Vincent Van Goghs "Starry Night.Regardless of what I see, you have provided yet another opal that is of exceptional beauty at a very reasonable price. Your service is superb. One day I will have this stone made into a stunning piece of jewelry to mark a special occasion in the life of my wife and me. In your own way, you will be part of that day (or "Starry Night?).
Thank you once again. Sincerely, Bob

Beate from San Diego California U.S.A. told us....
Dear Sally and Brett,
Yesterday (Saturday) when I answered the door to the delivery man with a small packet, I knew exactly what it was. I must have had the biggest smile on my face and my heart was pounding as I nervously signed the delivery slip. I told one of the girls to call my husband in from cutting the lawn and we all gathered around the table as I opened the packet. It was like opening one of those box in a box gifts, it was packaged so well. Finally I got to the opal and my oh my all we could say was "wow!" My husband and all the girls took their turn holding it and admiring it, event the littlest one wanted a turn. It is absolutely gorgeous and even more beautiful than expected. I will be making a trip to my jeweler first thing on Monday and will send you photos with the finished product.
Thank you so much for your customer service, your honesty and making me feel comfortable ordering from you not only over the Internet, but also in another country. I/we will definitely be back for more precious opals in the future and you never know, we are world travelers so, we may pop up in you shop one day.
Best wishes to you and your family.

Dayton from West Palm Beach, Florida U.S.A. said....
I thank you for all the work that went into the new white gold ring and the setting of the blue/green opal gem from Lighting Ridge Mines. I am very happy with the end product, my beautiful old ring, replaced all new. I will be more careful with the present one. This stone is better than in the old ring.
With the advent of computers, this transaction was possible.
Thanks to all involved. Sincerely, Dayton

Tom from Astoria New York U.S.A. said....
The opal arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the assistance and care you demonstrated in helping me find the right opal.
I'm glad I took your advice with this one. Regards, Tom

Tom from Tennessee, U.S.A. said...
I just like to express how pleased I have been by doing business with Brett + Sally. At first I was a lil nervous about buying off the Internet. After surveying the testimonials they had and by going with my gut feeling I went for it. Sally was so helpful in finding a pair to match one of my opals and Brett was very helpful in explaining to me about the Quality of Opals. Which I'm very pleased with what I have received. I'm heading dn there for vacation this Dec. and looking very forward to meeting such fine ppl in person.
Tom n Tennessee

John from Edinburgh, Scotland, wrote....
Many thanks for the 2 delightful opals which I received in Edinburgh today, just in time for my wife's birthday. And no value added tax was charged on import, amazingly! She will I hope enjoy having them set in appropriately beautiful earring settings.
Thanks again John

Julie From New York, New York, U.S.A. said....
Well, I got the first 6-opal shipment today, and the re-line says it all - I'm well beyond pleased! They are gorgeous!!!!!!
I have to say, the pictures don't do them justice - not because you take bad pictures (quite the contrary, yours are the best I've seen), but because a picture really just can't capture their natural beauty!
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
They're ALL wonderful, so I really can't choose a favorite right now. The green pinfire surprised me - much brighter than I expected, I'm already thinking of a setting for it. The one I said had character certainly does, and I'm very glad I put reservations aside and got it. I adore the orange crystal opal cab, it's just perfect! The black with orange-red is incredibly bright, and the red-green black opal is much brighter than it appears in pictures. And, finally, the itsy-bitsy black one with a plume of fire is delightful and quite a sparkler for such a small size.
You do, of course, realize that now you have me completely and totally hooked? :)
Again, very many thanks for a fantastic deal, and in general, for all your help. You're wonderful, lovely people and I feel very fortunate to have "met" you.
Best regards, Julie

Pamela & Michael from Valarico, Florida, U.S.A. wrote....
Hi, Just wanted to let you know we received our opals - they are absolutely beautiful. Just like in the pictures. We couldn't be more pleased. We can't wait to get them set!!!


Christine from Bath Somerset U.K. said.....
Hi Sally & Brett I have received the opals, thank you very much. They are lovely. Funnily enough, the one I think has a lovely colour is the cheapest one!! - does not say much for my taste. They will all look stunning made into jewellery.
Regards Christine

Tom from Hillard Ohio U.S.A. said this....
Hi! Great news. I went to the post office today and they had the package. So I opened it in the car in the sun. It is the most beautiful opal I have ever seen. In fact, I've never seen an opal quite like it. It's very different from the other one. I never thought I would like opals and now I am hooked. There is no stone quite like it is there? Thanks again for everything and make sure you add me to your e-mail list!

Corrine from The Isle of Wight, UK said...
I have received my order today, very swiftly considering the great distance they have travelled! My opals are delightful, exactly as described. Thank you so much. I think that, like others who have bought from you, I am slightly addicted. I will have to look again at your website...
Regards,Corrine Isle of Wight, UK

Ron from Santa Rosa, California U.S.A. said...
Hi there!!! Just received item #'s LR4452 & can not adequately describe their beauty nor my pleasure. I'm sure that we will again work together, my daughter also loves opals & formerly worked @ an "upscale" jewelry store with an excellent goldsmith. The only small glitch is the goldsmith has moved & I have not yet located her, but I will.
Thanks Again Ron

Gale from Hamilton Ontario, Canada said...
Dear Sally and Brett, My exciting little package arrived just this morning and I could not possibly be more thrilled. #4231 certainly is a charmer, and is display lots of fire in the rather sterile fluorescent lights of the office. #4384 surely is a BEAUTY!!! It's not a great day outside for having a look (rainy and so on), but I can tell you I will enjoy them in the sunlight and incandescent lighting soon. Your service is excellent, and your product is as well. Happy days, Gale
She then followed up with this...
You would laugh very much at me today. I did not take the new opals out of my purse last night. Knowing today would be absolutely gorgeous, I took them with me. We went for a walk this afternoon at lunch, and I was STUNNED to see how they performed. They were amazing! Gripping them in their little round boxes in my hand, I walked in all four cardinal directions - N S E & W. Their character changed with each direction and from sunlight to partial shade to complete shade. Amazing! Amusing! Lovely, lovely, lovely. How can I have them set now? I should just walk around with them in my hand because I will not be able to view them as necklaces while wearing them. Blinded by opals, Gale

Sally from Duluth Minnesota U.S.A. said....
The opal arrived and is it gorgeous! So much fire. My only wish is that it were bigger, but I'm still satisfied.
This is my kind of opal. I can tell already that I'll have to be strong because if owning one opal is great, owning two would be even better and who knows where it all could end! Thank you for your help in making this long awaited dream come true.

Louis from Honolulu Hawaii U.S.A. wrote to say.....
Sally I just got my opal delivered by the mail man this morning and it's just like the pictures on the screen. It' beautiful. I'm happy with it so now I have to take it to my jeweler to make it into a ring. Again Thank You-----Louis

Gale from Hamilton Ontario Canada wrote...
Good morning! My opal, LR3973 arrived on Friday while I was out of the office. It's gorgeous! Thanks for the special handling. and I do look forward to another purchase in the future. Thanks, Gale

Paige from North East Maryland U.S.A. said this about opal number M35
Dear Sally and Brett: We have the boot! It came on Friday. I guess I could say we sort of like the boot, but that might be a slight understatement - it is absolutely beautiful! April is totally bonkers over it and it is the nicest opal I have ever seen in person since I was there in 1980, and I am not sure I saw a better one then! There was no way I could tell from the pictures that the top of the stone was actually smooth all over and not "stepped down" as I thought - the bottom is not flat and will cause a real problem in mounting, but I knew it would be a probably be a real pain to mount anyway. My big concern is to find someone who won't mess it up or crack it. A problem that I can worry about later -right now we are too busy just looking at it.
After seeing it, I will live with whatever appraisal my US guy comes up with - the stone is not going back to OZ, so the miner he found a real masterpiece that truly tickles our fancy to no end - a real gem (no pun intended).
As for you and Brett, all I can say is that you have been more than purveyors of opals, you have been gracious, helpful, informative, educational, and just downright nice folks. April and I appreciate the 110% effort you have put into each our transactions and this one was a real piece of work and you were unbelievably good natured and patient throughout.
If anybody asks, I would be happy to tell them that ATC is the best opal dealer I have ever run across, either on or off the Internet. You not only find and cut excellent stock, but your friendly and helpful service goes well beyond what is normally encountered in commerce. Both April and I are totally satisfied and and would like to thank you very much.
We will keep you informed on the boot's progress in getting appraised here and whether we will try to mount it or not. You have not heard the last from us by a long shot - we will keep checking you site and E-Bay sales and you will, we assume, let us know if you find a really outstanding stone in your travels to Lightning Ridge, before you put it on the web.
with warmest regards, Paige and April

Bob from Lansdale Pennsylvania U.S.A. Wrote...
Sally & Brett, Is it possible that your opals are too beautiful? In this case, possibly.
This spring, my in-laws were fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks touring the land down under. Knowing that the best opals come from Australia, my mother-in-law decided to purchase an opal from a jewelry store in Brisbane as a reminder of their wonderful trip.
A few weeks after returning to the States, we had a chance to visit with her. She was very eager to show us her new opal. Although it was a nice crystal opal from Coober Pedy, the sparse flashes were suffocated by the rather opaque material.
Being curious, I plugged Coober Pedy into the old search engine and two gazillion hits flashed up on the screen. One of the hits mentioned these fabulous black opals from Lightning Ridge.
After landing at the Aussie Treasure Chest, my eyes were fixed to the screen for hours. I had never seen anything like the stones that you were displaying on your site.
Needless to say, my first transparent, crystal opal arrived today and I was amazed. This opal has an ethereal quality. Wisps of spectralight are suspended throughout the crystal. You do not look at this stone, you look into it. (As you can tell, I would love to write descriptions for your website.)
Which brings me to my current dilemma. When I have this stone set for my wife, she will never be able to wear it around her parents. Not only does she have a far superior opal, it only cost $6 to fly it here.
I would like to thank you for providing an extraordinary product at a most reasonable price.
If you have not already seen it, I placed my second order about an hour after receiving the first.

De Etta from Stowe Pennsylvania U.S.A. wrote..
THANK you ! I was 'blown away" when I saw all three in the same package! They are soooooooo pretty! I am writing from work as I didn't get to the computer last night! And Monday we had no mail service as it was a "holiday" here!
Thank you for you generosity and kindness and pleasure in this experience! I may very well be looking for another stone in the future to put in something else! The 'middle size' stone really calls attention to itself! It looks glowing. Do you recommend these be set in a setting that allows light behind them or does it not matter? (When I go to get a setting for the longest one) Again, Thank you! DeEtta >^..^<

Nathan from Horton Kansas U.S.A wrote.....
The opal arrived today, sooner than expected, that's for sure. THANK YOU!I am very happy with the quality of this opal,in fact I'm extremely happy with it. My fiancee absolutely loves it, and you can be assured that I will be back as a customer. This was the first time I've bought anything as tricky as an opal online without being able to see it personally, but am very satisfied with your customer service. You did a great job of accurately detailing the specs of the opal. I will definitely keep my eye on your website for updates, as I do plan on doing business with you again. In fact, you have some "budget" ones that she expressed a lot of interest in when we were doing some web surfing/window shopping and I had taken her to your website. I may go back and take another look at those.
Here's a funny story for you. My fiancee has been wanting to get a really nice opal for some time now, and on Saturday we actually went to the nearest city to a jeweler whom I bought the engagement ring from to look at some (more window shopping). They didn't have any opals in stock, but I had called ahead and they reserved a couple of "really nice ones" for me to look at. They were described as "true" black and 1 and 1.5 carats respectively, with great fire on each. Asking price was $260 for the smaller and $280 for the larger. We went and looked at them, as soon as they were displayed, we both kind of groaned...they were horribly dull, there was no life in them at all. I was sitting there, hoping the one from you that was in the mail was going to be better than these. Well, it arrived today, and all she could say (when she could stop smiling long enough) was that we needed to go back down there to have them fit this opal for a pendant, so that they could see what an opal is suppose to look like. I thought that was a cute story and I think speaks volumes of your quality, because the one I bought was certainly not your most prized one for sale. Again, she is definitely pleased with the opal, and so am I.
If you ever need someone in the states to vouch for you as a seller, refer them to me. I will be more than happy to express my satisfaction as a buyer to any potential customer for you.
Thanks again Nathan

Suzanne from Auburn New York U.S.A. said......
To whom it may concern, Just letting. you know how very pleased I was with my order and how fast it arrived! I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase ! I had also written another email regarding how to track my order (which I would have known the answer to had I taken the time to read :) ) whomever wrote back was so PLEASANT and POLITE in their response which only made my experience with your company even more pleasurable! Thanks again, Suzanne

Constance from Gainsville Florida U.S.A.wrote.......
Dear Brett and Sally: My opal just arrived. Wahoo!!!! It is so beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!! Thank you so much for all your help. I hope to do more business with you in the future. If you watch the Super Bowl, cheer for the Steelers!

Sue from Bracknel, Berkshire United Kingdom emailed to say..
Hi, Received my opal yesterday, and was very happy with it in 'real life'. It was as beautiful as it's picture, and I can't wait to get it made up into a piece of jewellery. I shall certainly keep looking to see what else you have on your website in future.

John From Perth Australia wrote...
Dear Aussie Treasure Chest (Brett and Sally),I am compelled to write this short note and commend you on your absolutely top class service, assistance and the great stones I bought from you. As a new buyer I was a little apprehensive and had no knowledge of opals at all except I liked the look of them. With your generously given advice on books to read, what to look for in a stone, types etc etc (too many to mention) I have gained an appreciation of opals in general and now feel confident when buying.
The stones I received from you are absolutely fabulous compared with the stones I bought from other sellers. I am so happy that I chose to go with Aussie Treasure Chest. In all a wonderful experience and i recommend you with confidence to all interested in quality opals and value for money Thanks so much for everything and I WILL RETURN. Please feel free to use this in your testimonials if you so wish.
Keep up the good work and very best regards.
John Perth Australia.

Jackie fromTavernier FloridaU.S.A. said
Hey, Y'all: Ya know,I was so excited about the opal I could hardly wait!! I finally got it today. The post office didn't deliver it on Wednesday because no one was here to sign for it. So I had to wait until today to get it. And I was not disappointed! It is so lovely. I'm so glad you recommended this one.My husband and I have a question though. We've never seen the bottom of an opal before and are curious as to why it's gray on the bottom. It doesn't matter to me, but we were curious. And I have recommended you to my mother, my boss, and one of our friends. Hopefully they'll order one from y'all, if I have anything to say about it. But thank you again!!!

John & Lesa fromLake WorthFlorida U.S.A. said......
Hi..Opal came today..really pretty. I cannot complain about the price. Some of the opals I have won are not quite what they describe. I have paid for solids and ended up with doublets not worth shipping back. I hope to do more business with you after the holidays. I left positive feedback for you. You earned it!!! Thank you and have a blessed holiday from the yanks in Florida. John & Lesa

Larry From Vestavia Hills Alabama U.S.A. wrote...
Good Morning Sally! Your opal has arrived here this AM and I have taken it to my jeweler for mounting. I should have it back on Wednesday or Thursday. It is truly a beautiful stone. My jeweller was impressed and felt I had gotten good value for the price. ( he had several smaller opals in his display case from Lighting Ridge not nearly as nice or as large, mostly blue and green).
Thank you for your help. I look forward to doing business with you again. Let me know if you uncover an exceptional stone. I will send you a picture of this one in it's new home as soon as I get it back. Merry Christmas.
In a further email he said....
The stone and ring will be a complete surprise on Christmas. I'll get you the pictures this week I'm sure. No, I didn't really tell you what I was looking for, originally looking at star rubies but really was not comfortable with sellers. Came across your website and thought your pictures were terrific. I still look at them. The setting I've picked out has some baguette diamonds that I thing should really set off the opal without detracting , but you will see.Follow up email from a very happy recipient.....
Hi Sally,I received the opal ring this morning from Larry. It is absolutely stunning. He told me how helpful you were in getting this perfect stone. Thank you so much for your part. I keep turning the ring over so I can see all the colors from different angles. Glad it's cloudy out or driving could be rather hazardous as I get mesmerized looking at it. I won't send it to you, but maybe we can come visit and I'll let you see it!! Thanks again for your part in making this a very special Christmas.

Steve from Pebble Beach California U.S.A.Who purchased from this website and our Ebayauctions stated.....
Sally: They came today (Sat.). They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for everything. It is a rare, and I mean very rare, treat to deal with people who care about service, and who take a genuine interest in their customers. You will get the best possible feedback on Ebay from me. I look forward to crossing paths with you in the future. Happy holidays.

Theresa from Bisbee Arizona U.S.A. wrote....
Thank you so much, we will keep you in mind for future opal orders.Thank you again for your patience, your communications and your beautiful product. In that I've never ordered something like that on line, you really lead me through it quite gently. Enjoy your opal hunt. Sincerely, Theresa

John from New Orleans U.S.A. Said.....
Hey sally, I LOVE THEM. EACH AND EVERY ONE. no returns here. the pendant was awesome. Michael (our Jeweller) sure did do a super job. thank you so much and you can also tell him thank you from me. I'm wearing it as I send you this e-mail. your pictures were a perfect representation of the stones. I can't tell you how thrilled I am. I'll also be keeping an eye on your site. I hope to do business with you again and again. I took one of the stones to my jeweler here by me and he loved the opal I showed him. he said and I quote, "it's a beautiful stone". the color was all over the place. sally, take care of yourself andhugs from the "new" New Orleans.

Greg from Galena Ohio U.S.A. wrote...
Sally, The 4ct teardropopal arrived and it is even much nicer than I expected. My wife is graduating with a PhD. next month and I'm having the opal set in a pendant setting with (3) tsavorite garnets. I'm using an opal I receive from you earlier along with tsavorite garnets to create a complimentary ring. Thanks for you help. I'm speading the word that if anyone wants opals you guys are the best. And probably after my wife starts wearing her pendant and ring there'll be a lot more free promo for you. Keep up the good work, your customers, as well as you, will be blessed.

Deborah from Costa Mesa California U.S.A. wrote....
Hello, Sally!The gorgeous stone arrived safely today. This is the first opal I have ever received that I liked. Opal is my birthday stone, and in the past, I always was given one of the milky white ones with barely any fire. This one is so lovely with bright fires, and even better, it is blue, my most favorite colour. Thank you so much for a lovely product and a great transaction. May only the very best be thine in the year ahead of us! Cheers!

Judy from Baton Rouge Louisiana U.S.A. said...
Arrived today in good condition - even more beautiful than shown - my favorite kind of opal - thanks for making it available. I will bid again sometime.

John D from Los Angeles California U.S.A. wrote...
Hello sally, thank you for everything. you really do go above and beyond. its really nice to business with you. its so interesting to me to meet someone like you. I find you to be a pleasure to deal with as well as your opals that are so alluring and mysterious. It really is so refreshing to meet someone who truly works with items they love. if I could ask, how long have you been doing this?? I always thought plain opals were cool. my birthstone. a good friend of mine years ago turned me on to the concept of a RARE BLACK OPAL. I had seen a few here and there. then I came across your site and you really gave an understanding of how they are a whole world onto there own with the diff. types, colorplay, patterns and values. I LOVE IT. black opals to me are so interesting. No two are alike. each with their very own fire inside with its own individual color play. I have a semi black opal pendant I wear everyday. I can't tell you how many people it catches there attention. if I could, I'd wear a different one everyday. well doc, send me an invoice for the therapy session. I do thank you and wish you the very best in everything you do. you really do have something special going on and really hope to deal with you again. cheers darling, john

Dominique from Toccoa Georgia U.S.A. wrote...
Hi Sally,
I've enjoyed browsing your new website and wish you the best of luck!
Wanted to let you know the first opal I purchased is back from the goldsmith (pendant set) and looks like a million...I am waiting for the more recently purchased opal to be done , set in a ring. I will send you pictures as soon as I am able, but I am setting myself a deadline to deliver before Christmas .
The pendant opal looks so rich and opulent, it really is quite breathtaking. The nearest fine jewelry store to me (Andrews) has sent both opal's to their goldsmith in Atlanta. Being fine jewelers, they know a good thing when they see it!!!!
I will be in touch, best of luck,
Dominique ;-)

Wendy from Boardman Ohio U.S.A. Who purchased 18 quality opals in one parcel, said...
Hey Sally, Yes, my "babies" arrived safe and sound, and I must say, I'm very disappointed................disappointed that they're so gorgeous, it makes me want to bid all the more on just about every opal you put up for auction! I had hoped that once I had them, I'd be content to sit back and bid sparingly on investment opals every so often, but as you can see by the auction I just won a few minutes ago, that's not happening!......2 more paragraphs....
..........Well, I've done enough damage for the day. I think I'll put the pups out for a final potty trip, and curl up with a good book till I get sleepy. I have a full weekend of work - both Saturday and Sunday - gotta earn extra to fund my "bad habit". LOL
Bye for now, Wendy

Jim from Oak Creek Wisconsin U.S.A. Wrote...
Hi Sally,
I received the opal today....Color my happy....It's fabulous!
But now I'm looking for another black opal....2.7- 3.0 - 3.5 carat...one with a 4.5 -5.0 brilliance rating...one that will show "lots of fire" under normal household lighting. Would that be a Body Tone of N4?
It will be a "put away" gift for my granddaughter (Olivia) just born last October.
Thank you Sally for your help in finding the perfect opal for me. Your timely manner in answering my many emails with your black opal knowledge and honesty was very much appreciate. I know you have numerous favorable comments on Ebay...but if you would like....you can give any of your prospective buyers my email address....and I will reiterate how totally happy I am with You and ATC.
Again,Thank you, Sally