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Layaway, Lay-By plans 



We are happy to make available to you, our Layaway / Lay-by payment plan. The flexibility of interest-free payments on installment basis is now available for you. Prices will be fixed for the duration of your Layaway / Lay-by plan.

We are here to make payment for your opal/s as convenient for you as possible. You can shop now and pay off your opal with our easy payment plans to enable you to budget your purchase over several months. We will customise a Layaway / Lay-by plan to best suit your personal finance needs, please email us and we will send you one or more plans that are sure to suit you. There are no additional set up fees or interest fees on our plans. Purchases of US$300 or more are eligible to take part in our payment plan.



The deposit is calculated based on the total cost of the opal plus shipping and insurance costs.

Purchase price of US$300 to US$600 requires a deposit of 25% or

Purchase price of US$601 to US$1000 requires a deposit of 22% or

Purchase price of US$1001 to US$3000 requires a deposit of 20% or

Purchases over US$3001 and over requires of deposit of 15%


Monthly payments:

Please email us for a personalised payment plan. Our flexible plans range from three months to�nine months.




There are no additional set up fees or interest fees.


Discounted items:


Layaway / Lay-by plan is not available in conjunction with offers of discounted opals.


Shipping Part Orders:


Aussie Treasure Chest holds all layaway purchases until the balance is paid in full for all opals included in the Layaway / Lay-by plan.


Ending your Layaway / Lay-by plan early:


You may finalise payment of your Layaway / Lay-by plan at any time.



Cancellation policy:


A Layaway / Lay-by plan may be cancelled, unfortunately due to the uniqueness of each opal and the fact that we are not offering the opal to any other buyers whilst it is held for you, you will forfeit your deposit plus 20% of each payment made as a cancellation charge. The remaining payment can be used as a credit for future purchases to be used within three months of the cancellation. There are no refunds. Unfortunately, this has be put in place to deter non genuine buyers.


Replacing, swapping or changing the order:

Replacing, swapping or changing the order during the duration of a Layaway / Lay-by order is subject to Aussie Treasure Chest©s discretion. We are flexible and will always be fair to all involved.

Default of Layaway / Layby plan:

If the due by date is exceeded by more than seven days, the Layaway / Lay-by will be treated as cancelled and
you will forfeit your deposit plus 20% of each payment made as per Aussie Treasure Chest cancellation policy. Contact must be made by the customer to Aussie Treasure Chest within twelve months of Layaway due date to arrange partial refund or the layaway will be deemed as abandoned and all moneys will be forfeited.

This will occur unless alternative arrangements have been made with Aussie Treasure Chest prior to the payment due date or forfeit date.

Please email us with any questions regarding setting up a Layaway / Lay-by plan for you. We will be happy to provide you with a suitable plan that is as easy and hassle free for you as we can make it. We are proud of our reputation for our excellent customer service and look forward to your business.