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SOLID BLACK OPAL Bright ocean colours, tropical turquoise and ocean blue
Product Code ATC-7552

This SOLID BLACK Opal is from the Lightning Ridge mining fields in Australia.


The colour play in this opal is saturated with the richest, bright colour. Lovely tropical turquoise green and ocean blue. The colours move gently across the face of the opal, the colours are always present over the medium dome. A stunning and beautiful gemstone, ready to be made into a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry.


Origin Lightning Ridge
Category Black Opal
Play-of -colour Green - blue
Pattern Mixed
Body tone N4
Brilliance Scale 4
Clarity  Opaque
Cut Medium dome
Shape Oval 
Weight (carat) 5.50
Size 14.5 x 12.0 x 5.0 mm
Polish High Quality
Note: Great in all lights.  

Approx: 250

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Opal Facts:
Brilliance Scale: This is the scale of brightness used to show the brightness of an opal:

Brilliance scale:
1. Faint
2. Dim
2.5 Somewhat Bright
3. Bright
3.5 Quite Bright
4. Very bright
4.5 Extremely Bright
5. Brilliant

Body tone: Thes is the colour of the opals body tone (or background tone) it can be black, dark (semi-black) or light opal. N1 is jet black through to N9 which is white.

All prices are wholesale. The opals we sell are natural SOLID opals and have not been treated or enhanced in any way.