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14k Yellow Gold Pendant with a SOLID BLACK OPAL Rich golden fire
Product Code ATC-J295

14k Yellow Gold Pendant with BLACK Opal.


About the Jeweller and the Jewellery

Our Swiss born Jeweller completed a four year Goldsmith apprenticeship in Switzerland and graduated with Honours as the top of the class.

Over the last 30 years this award winning jeweller has created over 9000 pieces of jewellery, with opal being her specialty!


In her own words�. "I design and make each piece of jewellery myself. When designing, I let the lines flow in harmony with the shape, colours and the individuality of each particular opal. As no two opals are ever the same and to get the very best out of them, my designs vary accordingly; each piece of jewellery being an individual  handmade and unique creation, truly a one-off.�

Her creations are aimed at clients who wish to have a piece of jewellery that is Individually designed, crafted to Swiss standard of quality; will remain in style and fashion for years to come and most importantly, represent a sound investment and an excellent value for money.  

Whilst her creations are more expensive than the mass-produced cheap jewellery flooding the market today, real quality takes enormous skill, hard work and time. She believes that the individuality and the elegance of her designs, combined with excellent craftsmanship and very carefully chosen opals, are well worth the money.


 About the Opal



Rich golden fire engulfs the opal, golden colour of green and orange gently move over the opal. Great in all lights.



Setting Pendant (Chain not included)
Material 14k Yellow Gold (Hallmarked 585) 
Gold weight (grams)  1.8
Finish Polished 
Overall size 22.5 x 8.0 x 5.0 mm
Origin Lightning Ridge
Category Black Opal
Play-of -colour Golden multicolour
Pattern Mixed
Body tone N2
Brilliance Scale 4.0
Clarity  Opaque
Cut Medium - low dome
Shape Freeform
Weight (carat) 0.85
Size 10.2 x 6.1 x 2.1 mm
Polish High Quality
Note: Great in all lights.

Approx: 480

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Opal Facts:
Brilliance Scale: This is the scale of brightness used to show the brightness of an opal:

Brilliance scale:
1. Faint
2. Dull
3. Bright
4. Very bright
5. Brilliant

Body tone: Thes is the colour of the opals body tone (or background tone) it can be black, dark (semi-black) or light opal. N1 is jet black through to N9 which is white.

All prices are wholesale. The opals we sell are natural SOLID opals and have not been treated or enhanced in any way.